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EQ2030 – Create a better, happier and kinder future

The direction we are leading humanity is not working. We are living in an angry, selfish world where decision makers at all levels of society continue to cause harm to people and our critically important host environment. EQ2030 wants to do things differently with a worldwide movement to hold the decision makers to account.

We need to push the “reset” button and design a future from scratch – a whole way of view ourselves in our environment.

Join us and be a part of the solution

Watch this short introduction to EQ2030 by Gary Johnston

The 4 Powerful Keys

Video workshop – The 4 Keys to a Happy Flourishing

Learn the powerful skills of understanding yourself AND others in ways that enhance any current or future connection or relationships.

Listen to the podcast

Lot’s of great info and strategies

“A Flourishing Life” podcast discusses some of the critical aspects of Emotional Intelligence and how to use it in a changing world.

Join Us

Become part of the EQ2030 Family and be part of the solution

Learn, understand and act to help our species be more connected to self and others.

We want to force a NEW PARADIGM of implementing SOLUTIONS for the real causes that are damaging human existence and that are making life difficult for more and more people.

We want YOU to look at the world with different eyes and become involved in the GLOBAL SOLUTIONS that will lead to the survival of the human species and the host planet we live on.

Join us. Be a part of something that is bigger than all of us and do something that matters for you, your children and all future generations.

Our Podcast – A Flourishing Life

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Frequently asked questions

Q1. If I join the EQ2030 Family and I committing to a specific level of involvement?
A: Not at all, but we would like you to understand the issues we all face and implement some of the solutions into your life. And, of course, tell everyone you know about what we are doing!

Q2: Can I really learn to be more emotionally intelligent?
A: Yes, of course. The reason most people don’t achieve what they want in most areas of life is that they are never provided the essential skills that relate to interaction with themselves and with others. Proven methods of changing this have dramatic personal affect as well as altering how whole groups interact.

Q3: What are the real benefits of understanding and implementing emotionally intelligent strategies in my life?
A: There are many. First, you become more aware of your thoughts, emotions and behaviors and how they affect both you, and others. Second, you learn to understand how others think, feel and behave. As a result your more empathetic approach to all situations draws people to you who will help enjoy life more, and just as important, prosper in relationships, interests and at work.

Q4: In a world filled with turmoil, how can anyone make a difference, let alone on a global scale?
A: Trying to change the world is overwhelming at the best of times. The best place to start is to create a happy, creative and flourishing life in your own world, with your immediate family and friends. There are specific strategies that make this happen. If everyone started there at a manageable level the whole world would change over time.
All it takes is a commitment to self and those in your immediate environment.

Q5: How can I learn proven ways of enhancing my life and relationships with others?
A: You can start here by listening to the Flourishing Life podcast we produce, watch some of our videos, and then, when you are ready take up the opportunity to get fully immersed in the life enhancing Personal Life Strategies online courses through the 2Minds Academy.

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