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EQ2030 – A better future

The direction we are leading humanity is not working. We are living in an angry, selfish world where decision makers at all levels of society continue to cause harm to people and our critically important host environment. EQ2030 wants to do things differently with a worldwide movement to hold the decision makers to account.

We need to push the “reset” button and design a future from scratch – a whole way of view ourselves in our environment.

We want to force a NEW PARADIGM of implementing SOLUTIONS for the real causes that are damaging human existence and that are making life difficult for more and more people.

We want SOLUTIONS to the issues of degrading mental and physical health at all levels of society.

We want SOLUTIONS to the devastation that economic growth is causing society and the environment.

We want SOLUTIONS to the disintegration of personal and public relationships that plague every society on the planet.

See “Social Structure & Our Future”

Find out about who we are “About Us”

We want YOU to look at the world with different eyes and become involved in the GLOBAL SOLUTIONS that will lead to the survival of the human species and the host planet we live on.

Join us. Be a part of something that is bigger than all of us and do something that matters for you, your children and all future generations.

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