The Parenting Contract

In nature creating new lives is a survival mechanism. Most new born animals and plants do not survive if they are not taught well or are born into very aggressive environments and they don’t have the skills or physical attributes for them to do so.

Humans are different. Having children is often done for the wrong reasons, and children born into a so called civilised environment which presents few dangers apart from the lethargy of the human species, and as a result more and more children are harmed by the ignorance and lack of care from parents.

For the human race to survive every human born must be able to fit into society as a useful and mutually supportive individual, caring of the needs of others with strong interdependent relationships at all levels of life. These skills and understanding come primarily from the parents.

This Parenting Contract defines the ideal role and responsibilities of would be parents in a world that is overpopulated and on the brink of disaster.

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The following is the contract you should be willing to sign and commit to if you are having children.

If you are not prepared to do what is necessary under this contract then don’t have children – even by accident.

If you already have children then take the steps necessary to repair any possible damage that has been done.

The Parenting Contract

Whereas the Parents regardless of sex or parenting role wish to have a child/children by natural birth or by adoption and the child/children have no way to express their wishes the Parents as signatories to this declaration undertake to fulfil the understanding and role of parent according the principle responsibilities as stated herein.

Period of this Contract

  1. This contract applies for a minimum Period of Responsibility of 18 years and 9 months (the Period) from the time of conception or such time as the Child/children reach the age of legal self-determination in the Jurisdiction in which they are raised. The contract is between the parents (the Parties) and child or children (the Child) produced by such a conception.
  • If the Child/children are to be adopted then this contract begins 30 days prior to the adoption being legal and ends on the eighteenth birthday of the Child/children.

Responsibilities of the Parents

  • Both parents must commit to and sign this agreement
  • The Parties hereto commit to learning the skills required as hereto set out to ensure that the Child reaches the end of the Period with all the skills necessary to safely survive by using such skills to survive and thrive as an individual responsible for his or her self-determination.
  • Both parents must be willing to place the safety and security of the Child as a principle priority, including the safety requirements of providing a physical and nurturing environment that fosters excellent physical and mental health, including:
    • Provide a living environment where practical that ensures physical safety
    • Provide a source of food and water that is clean, unadulterated and safe. This means that all foods must have been proven to cause no harm when provided in a balance way.
    • Avoid all toxic food sources including modern grains, dairy and sugars from the diet which have been proven to cause physical and mental harm to all human species. This applies to all members of the family including the Parties hereto.
    • Eliminate the use of non-essential drug (prescription and recreational) from the household

  • The Parties hereto shall provide a caring, loving and nurturing environment for the Child, free of self-interest and the effects of personal dysfunctions. This may require the Parties to undertake therapeutic processes to rid themselves of behavioural and emotional dysfunctions that may inadvertently transfer to the Child causing physical or emotional harm to the Child.

  •  The Parties hereto will educate themselves as to the processes required to develop a strong and stable nurturing mental and emotional for the Child and will place this need at the top of their list of priorities for the entire Period.
  • The Parties shall determine the correct balance required to provide proper behavioural boundaries and disciplines to ensure the Child has a proper and practical understanding of the need to interact with other people in a caring and mutually supportive way, in doing so taking into account the needs and desires of other people including:
    • the need to actively allow others to have a peaceful existence
    • the need to share resources for the benefit of all
    • the need to comply with social rules and norms for the benefit of all
    • the need to respect another’s right to have a different point of view
    • the need to share space with others
    • the need to respect the appropriate social norms of the society within one chooses to live
    • the need to ensure a safe environment for others

  • The Parties shall ensure that the Child is properly educated in a manner that provides the essential skills to live independently and safely at the end of the Period including:
    • Skills required to easily operate in a commercial world including but not limited to:
      • an ability to understand the value of money or any alternative form of transactional device
      • The requirements and responsibilities of entering into contracts
      • The requirements of finding accommodation and responsibilities thereto
      • The responsibilities and dangers in debt and borrowings
    • Skills required to obtain and develop useful employment fitted to the skills and values of the Child and
      • The responsibilities in the work contract to provide value for the money being paid
    • As a very minimum basic numeracy and literacy skills including the ability to easily read, write and verbally communicate thought, ideas and concepts in a manner understandable by others.

  • The Parties shall provide an environment to the Child which supports active interests in a wide variety of worldly events and knowledge to further enhance the development of both intellectual and emotional intelligence.

  • The Parties shall provide an environment that recognises and supports the development of respect and caring for others in day to day activities.

  • The Parties shall themselves behave in a manner that demonstrates the values and desired behaviours in a visible and supportive way to ensure the learning and behaviour of the Child/children is congruent with the desired outcomes of successful parenting in every way.

  • The points listed in this Contract are especially important during the first five years of the Period, requiring extra diligence and prioritisation during that time. The formative Values and beliefs of a Child are developed during the first five years from what the child hears, sees and is involved in. The Parties hereto understand this and commit to the needs of the Child as an absolute priority during the first five years of life.

Responsibilities of the Child

If the Parties hereto comply with the requirements of this contract the Child will live a life of social and mutual responsibility, with caring and emotionally intelligent connection to the parents and everyone around him or her. He or she will have fulfilled his or her responsibilities to society and will tend to automatically pass on these Values to his or her children. As the Child/children as part of this contract have no say in its implementation they have no other responsibilities under this contract.

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