Psychonutrition – The Role of Nutrition in Emotions.

Watch this interview with Gary Johnston to understand the depth of the psycho-nutritional problem. Then spend some time thinking about the people in your life with whom you have problems engaging You might be surprised at what you find!

Psychonutrition is the science behind the role of nutrition in altering the function of your nervous system, as well as physical systems that rely on the nervous system.

It is important that you understand when dealing with people that their diet, and yours, can and does affect mood, emotions and interactions between people. A long history of research and clinical practice shows us that the dietary component of anxiety and mood disorders can be at least 50% of the issue. In more critical problems it is as much as 90%.

Unless this is dealt with fixing the underlying mental health problem is virtually impossible. Our modern diet is a major contributor to poor physical and mental health. This is at tremendous cost to business and the economy.

Think of it in terms or mood swings and emotional outbursts that appear out of nowhere. They affect everyone! Irrational emotions have often been linked to unstable personalities. More often than not they come from changes in the nervous system and hormones caused by poor nutrition.

Psychonutrition - Its role in emotions

This is especially important within organizations since a large number of people are likely to be affected. I would suggest that it is not only important to be aware of these issues but it is also important to help educate the unaware!

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