About Us

What does EQ2030 stand for?

EQ stands for Emotional Intelligence which is a measure of our ability to correctly recognise our understanding of our own emotional responses AND the emotions, thoughts and behaviour of others around us. It is a measure of empathy and understanding, beyond the normal intelligence measurement of IQ.

The measuring methods are designed as a Bell Curve with the average of the human race being measured at 100. Less that 15% of those measured are above an EQ of 115, but this is the level of EQ the human species needs as an average if we are to survive as a species.

We must learn to view the world from the perspective of others, and respect others and their involvement in our lives. It is critical for mental and physical health to be connected to others in a caring way.

EQ2030 has been started to try to get individual, groups, governments and religions to learn how to increase the average EQ of our species to connect to each other, to our animal and plant world and to see ourselves as part of a whole instead of competing for our own selfish demands and patch of earth.

We want to see significant global results by the year 2030

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