Eat Your Way to Happiness

Eat You Way to Happiness” is a proven dietary strategy to enhancing your life in many ways, emotionally and physically.

Eat you way to happiness

Based on 40 years of research and clinical work with thousands of clients, Gary Johnston provides a clear understanding of why diet is a critical factor in mental health.

It explores the causes of anxiety, depression and anger, that underlay most serious emotional and dysfunctional thought processes, and provides a specific proven nutritional regime that will help lift the mental fog, emotional swings and energy levels, usually within a couple of weeks.

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Length 52 pages $8.50

Table of Contents

Introduction. 5

Part 1. The Background and History

The Biochemical Pathways that affect mood. 8

What is Psychonutrition?. 10

Neurotransmitters – the basis of emotional dysfunction. 13

Part 2. Causes, Symptoms and Effects

Typical symptoms of psycho-nutritional deficiency. 16

A Summary of some key points. 21

Deadly foods. 24

Hypoglycemia – Cause and Effect 27

Allergies. 30

Candidiasis. 32

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. 33

Management of Diet and Related Stress. 35

Part 3. The Suggested Diet

The Proven Suggested Diet 37

Some nutritional suggestions for everyone. 37

Food choices. 38

Meals. 40

Allergenic foods. 41

Foods to avoid. 42

Optimum Diet Ingredients. 45

Suggested Meals. 47

Part 4. The Long Term.. 50

Stress Reduction and Rest 51

Additional Nutritional Supplementation. 52

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