Psychonutrition – The Role of Nutrition in Emotions

Psychonutrition – The Role of Nutrition in Emotions. Watch this interview with Gary Johnston to understand the depth of the psycho-nutritional problem. Then spend some time thinking about the people in your life with whom you have problems engaging You might be surprised at what you find! Psychonutrition is the science behind the role of …

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The Parenting Contract

For the human race to survive every human born must be able to fit into society as a useful and mutually supportive individual, caring of the needs of others with strong interdependent relationships at all levels of life. These skills and understanding come primarily from the parents. This Parenting Contract defines the ideal role and …

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Can Science Save Us?

All the discussion around our degrading environment creates a divide, which in itself is a distraction from real issues that lie before us. Many are becoming alarmed about our future as a species. Others distract themselves from such discussion by living in the belief that “science will find a way to protect us”. But this …

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