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This audio program MUST NEVER be used while driving or operating dangerous equipment!

Journey of the Crystal Cave is a very special, DEEPLY relaxing and healing 45 minute audio program. With 12 separate layers to work on different areas of the brain and mind, this program has a proven history of creating positive transformation in self-image, peaceful living and enhanced mental and physical health.

The program is hypnotic in nature, and takes you on a journey through a safe space to a deeply healing crystal cave where you can spend time allowing the cave to heal your body and mind. There are positive reinforcing subliminal affirmations designed for each side of the brains ability to recognize, and a brain entrainment signal under the rest of the program that allows you to relax even deeper, achieving a deep sleep-like state during the program.

With a 30 year history of creating transformation for thousands of users, the Journey of the Crystal Cave is one of the most powerful self-help programs available.
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