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Powerful personal and business strategies to enhance all aspects of your life

Is your life perfect? If not you are in the right place. What most people don’t understand is that you thoughts, feelings and behaviours are all driven by unconscious programs you have had since you were very young. If you don’t know how to change that programming you will continue to do what you have always done – in EVERY area of your life!

Personal Strategies

Valuable personal life skills

Your mind, and particularly your unconscious programs, direct your thoughts, emotions and behaviour. Without intervention they control your success, relationships and well-being.

Organisational services

Business Strategies

Become a business superhero!

How you think directly impacts all your business relationships and connections. Get it right and you prosper. Get it wrong and you create a whole world of pain…………

Powerful methods of changing mind, thoughts, feelings and behaviours

The Neuro-Com model of the mind is a powerful proven strategy to change emotional states, thought patterns and behaviours that are giving you problems.

Derived from 40 years of proven clinical work and 55 years of research into human thought and behaviour, Neuro-Com fills the very large gaps in understanding that drives the traditional models.

Dealing with long term anxiety and depression, trauma (PTSD), relationship and self-image issues become easy. Organisational change, personnel issues and motivation take on a new light of understanding and intervention.

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The 2Minds Program comes in two forms:
1. A four module course designed for everyone
2. A nine module program designed for managers wanting to implement cutting edge human resource tools into an organisation

The Neuro-Com Program – the book

The Book – The Neuro-Com Progam, is now available.
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Gary Johnston, Basic PLUS Author