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This page contains answers to common questions handled by our support staff, along with some tips and tricks that we have found useful and presented here as questions.

  1. Is the NeuroCom Program safe to use?
  2. Why is the NeuroCom Program different?
  3. If I need help, where can I get it?
  4. I feel really stressed. Can NeuroCom help?
  5. Will NeuroCom help my relationships?
  6. Can NeuroCom explain the secret to happiness?

Is the NeuroCom Program safe to use?

NeuroCom is a process. When you understand the basics of the process you can change virtually any negative emotion that may cause you problems. In this way it is safe to use because it provides you with a level of control over your emotions that is unheard of. The only risk is that you won’t get the results you expect through one of two reasons:

1. you perception of the process is not clear

2. you may be trying to work through the processes through a biochemical “fog”. In Module 3 we discuss the

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Why is the NeuroCom Program different?

NeuroCom has been developed over thirty years of direct “results” oriented work with individuals. That is, it is not a theory, but a method of making significant change to emotional reactions and thinking processes. It is based on a methodology PROVEN to produce results.

Many of my clients came to me after spending years with orthodox psychologists, psychiatrists, or simply reading the mountains of literature available – all with little or no result. The combined nutritional and self-learn NeuroCom Strategy typically produces results in a couple of weeks that are startling for the person involved.

For someone who does not have an overlay of high anxiety and biochemical imbalance the practice of NeuroCom can produce instant results. This is demonstrated by being able to remove intense irrational fears like phobias within minutes once the procedure is understood.

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If I need help, where can I get it?

NeuroCom is sometimes an intensely personal path to walk down. It is normal to have some questions about personal reactions to some of the exercises.

You will find most of the more common questions in these FAQ pages. If you can’t find the answer you may fill in form on the Contact US page with your question or ask the question through the Discussion Pages. We monitor the discussion and will answer all questions. Please bear in mind that there will be many questions. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Make sure you leave a contact email address so we can get back to you!

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I feel really stressed. Can NeuroCom help?

Absolutely. The creation of the whole program was based on the development of anxiety, anger and depression reactions. However, a word of warning that you must heed.

About 30% of the population are physically or emotionally affected by biochemical influences. These may range from cloudy thinking through to more serious errors of perception, panic attacks and depression. In the worse case scenario in only a small percentage of individuals I often find deep depression, suicidal ideation of fear of impending insanity.

It is critical that if you have these deeper problems you do not try to use the NeuroCom process without support from a professional and family or friends. You will certainly need to go through a period of change of nutrition in accordance with the Stress Management Diet (available from the Download Page). Sometimes when going through this “detox” process you will go through severe mood shifts, gradually reducing over a 2-3 week period. You will find that many of the symptoms you used to have will abate or disappear altogether during this process….. stick with it. You will be pleased with the results.

And remember, you can get basic support through this website.

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Will NeuroCom help my relationships?

Yes, of course it can. Each of us has our own unique way of communicating. As you move through the program you will clearly understand the way you communicate internally. At the same time you will begin to learn a lot about your partner and your friends and business associates. You will soon find you can give your unconscious mind commands in a way that will give it permission to create closer relationships – or attract new ones.

I have covered a complete section on relationships in Module 8 of the program to help you use these processes more affectively.

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Can NeuroCom explain the secret to happiness?

Happiness means different things to different people. Most people really have no idea of what really makes them happy. We explore this in some depth in Module 8 and the answer may surprise you.

Usually, when analysing the basics of happiness in people and the moments in their lives that seem the happiness, those moments relate to the simple times when we are able to enjoy the moment for the moments sake. It almost never relates to possessions, wealth or achievements – just being.

Real happiness is a spiritual event. I do not refer to religion here, just personal growth and understanding.

The NeuroCom Program provides a learning that enables you to access this state whenever you wish at a conscious level. It transcends the thoughts and feeling reactions coming from memory and allows you to access the moment we refer to as NOW. Happiness is in NOW.

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