The Neuro-com Program – The Book

The Neuro-Com™ Program

A new book by Gary Johnston

Neuro-Com coverThe NeuroCom Program has been created by Gary Johnston over 10 years and is based on a lifetime of research and clinical practice in hypnosis and stress management. Using clearly defined and proven strategies, the Neuro-Com Program teaches you how to understand what you mind does for you and how to effectively communicate with you unconscious mind to create the results you want in life.

You will be staggered at the control you can have over your emotions, behavior and relationships with other people. Plan your future as YOU want it using powerful techniques that YOU control. Eliminate anxiety, anger and fear from your days emotions!

The Neuro-Com Program is a ten module training program designed to teach practical skills in changing thinking and future programming. You will receive an Acrobat PDF format file that can be read on screen or printed to hard copy. There are forms that will need to be printed and completed.

This comprehensive program leads you through a clear understanding of how your mind works and how it either provides success or struggle. You will learn about the body’s role in affecting how the mind performs. You then go through a structured process to get rid of unwanted emotional distractions and create the future you want to live.

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1.      Human drives and limiters 

  • The difference between success, mediocrity and failure
  • The difference between a peaceful existence and stress filled hell
  • The enigma of emotional memory
  • Memory Gestalt’s, self image and personality
  • Human interaction and communication
  • Relationships
  • The 6 D’s

  2.      How your mind really works 

  • Conscious and unconscious mind
  • The first 5 years – original root cause memory
  • The basis of beliefs
  • Evolvement of values – emotional coherence
  • Belief and values conflicts
  • Attitude and its resultant behavior
  • Your Timeline and its role in your future

  3.      Disturbances in the system 

  • Biochemical blocks to progress
  • The role of psycho-nutrition in stress, self image, depression and limiting behaviors
  • External influences – susceptible to the negative influences of other people and environments
  • Why others have so much power over you
  • The influence of religion in the development of self image

  4.      Taking back control – Neuro-Com 

  • The language your conscious mind uses to communicate with your unconscious memory
  • How to accurately access your mind’s unique communication methods
  • Though – feeling reactions, disturbing the flow
  • Making friends with your mind
  • Conflict resolution – parts integration
  • A power example – removing your worst phobia in 5 minutes!

  5.      Neuro-Com – continued 

  • Removing negative family links
  • Removing the anger
  • Dissolving guilt forever
  • Self image – removing the conflict
  • Removing destructive parts conflicts

  6.      Designing Your Future

  • The design of your Timeline
  • Past – present – future
  • The role of emotional memory in the development of future
  • Embedded emotions, values, attitudes and their role in future behaviour
  • Why a fifty year old event can destroy your life
  • How to delete emotion from memory
  • Creating behaviour in NOW that programs tomorrow

  7.      Designing future memory 

  • The need to create a values balance
  • Designing future memory projections
  • Creating future projections that are congruent with your values
  • Changing values and attitudes to be congruent with future projections
  • Programming the future so you create success on automatic

  8.      Creating happiness 

  • Balancing success with personal happiness
  • What makes happiness a reality
  • What stops most people from being happy
  • NeuroCom and relationships
  • The human drive to know a god
  • The balance between success and godliness
  • Balancing the mundane, self image and a perception of spirit
  • Future directions for the human race
  • Guilt free success thinking

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