Corporate Congruency

What is the real difference between an organization that “sings” and one that struggles in torment and financial disaster?

We can blame the financial and economic climate, we can blame the political environment – but in reality the secret is in the people at all levels of the corporate structure. Current thinking is at last beginning to look at the role of engagement in creating productivity, and many companies struggle with the methodology required to create this elusive beast.
It takes an understanding of people and their unique drivers. It takes an understanding of communications between and within individuals and groups. In the end it takes congruency between the individual human values and those of the organization. Get any of these wrong and you pay the price. Get them right and your organization will “sing”.

Why do change implementations fail so often?

Change in any organization is a precarious affair. Statistics show that failure rate of such attempts is extraordinarily high. Why is this so? More…..

Making Change Work – EVERY Time

There are key elements of introducing change and making all stakeholders comfortable with it that are often missed during implementation. Not taking these things into account is a recipe for disaster. More….

Handling Change – Risk and Implementation

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