Organisational Services

Increase Your Organisation’s Effectiveness and Bottom Line

Handling a rapidly changing world creates extra loads on business management. This invariable created high work loads and high stress levels that filter down through the staff and cause a drop in productivity, staff absence and turnover. The net result is lack of work satisfaction and lower profits.

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Organisational services

GMF Corporate Support provides important and effective tools to ensure productivity increases and avoid meltdown caused by organisational change programs.

Management Tools

  • Personal management mentoring to create focus and reduce or eliminate stress from personal and business life
  • Team building and focus workshops based on personal values systems
  • Health Audit to ensure maximum productivity
  • Support for Change Management programs and Change Managers to ensure your change project doesn’t fail along with the other 70% of change initiatives in business. See “Why the High Failure Rate” and “Making Corporate Change Work Every Time”
  • Conflict Resolution

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Staff Support Tools

  • Human Resource Consulting to reduce stress levels or internal disharmony / conflict resolution
  • Personal and group Stress Management consulting and counseling
  • Stress and work skills training workshops
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Trauma Resolution (PTSD) for military and emergency services personnel

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All corporate services are provided under strict confidentiality guidelines for both personal and company wide support programs. If any management member or staff member uses our personal counseling or mentoring services, NO-ONE will be provided any knowledge of the service provided without fully informed written permission of that staff member.

Services can be provided on-site or off-site.

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