Need an inspirational keynote speaker?

Gary Johnston, the creator of the Neuro-Com Program, has been a public speaker for nearly 30 years.

Gary speaker 4Specialising in areas of change management and mental health, Gary provides dynamic discussions and solutions at all levels of organization, structured specifically for the target audience. His unique style means that he creates empathy with everyone in the audience and provide commercial and organizational solutions that positively affect your bottom line or organizational values and behaviors.

Gary regularly attends speaking engagements around the world and trains clinicians and coaches in the use of Neuro-Com as an organisational and personal change powerhouse.

Special topics include:

Change management – Handling the negative affects of change

Stress management in organisations

Solutions to personal stressors

Post traumatic stress disorder – the terrible price of violence

Creating powerful values for managers

The Values basis of personal and business relationships – Making them work FOR you

Bringing home problems to work – and how to integrate them for positive outcomes

The ethical and commonsense balance of business and the future of Planet Earth


To contact Gary to discuss your special needs call +61 407070234
or via email to [email protected] with details of your event.

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