Journey of the Crystal Cave

JOCC-200x200This audio track, Journey of the Crystal Cave, was created with 12 individual tracks targeting both left and right brain individually.

It contains entrainment tracks that force the brain waves to slow to a deeply relaxed state, combined with hypnotic tracks, subliminal healing tracks and ocean background. It is deeply healing and has a proven history of great results. Enjoy, and if you like it click the link to buy and download it.

Please NEVER use whilst driving or using dangerous equipment

Best results use stereo speakers or headphones, sit back and let yourself drift.

The track runs for 46 minutes

It seems the Buy button is not working so you can get either an MP3 version or CD from Amazon at

Just click the link or cut and paste into browser.

4 thoughts on “Journey of the Crystal Cave”

  1. Diana S. Irwin

    Thank you for the information of your purchase. Journey of the Crystal Cave. I have bought it on Amazon. However, why is the title “the coronation of Queen Elizabeth ? Am using the Cd but would also like it in tape deck form if possible. Not much of those around. I can download on my ipod, however it will not turn off automatically when finished while I fall asleep. Miniature tape deck does that feature. Thanks for the information and I wish you many blessings and peace. Diana S. Irwin.

    1. Diana

      The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth?!!!!!!!!! Amazon has screwed something up. Is that on the cover of the CD? What is the content of the CD/MP3 like? It should start with music then go into my voice plus other tracks. Unfortunately it is not available on tape so to do that you would need to copy it across.
      Gary J

  2. Diana S. Irwin

    I live in Maryland, USA. My lifelong friend has recommended you. Judy Bedford, whom you are helping presently in Melbourne. I am interested as to how I can get the Journey of the Crystal Cave audio? Have listened to your sample on webpage and find it very helpful with stress and insomnia. Have begun the lifestyle changing eating program 2 weeks ago and already lifted the deep depression i have suffered from for years. Stress and insomnia are still issues, however. Can you please give me some information as to costs, access and of the audio, so I can listen in more forms than the internet? I would appreciate hearing from you soon. Thank you so much. Diana Irwin

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