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This quiz gives an indicator of how your diet is affecting your physical wellbeing and happiness.

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What does my score mean?

A score of ​100 would indicate you have a perfectly healthy approach to food and a tendency to have no dietary influence on your emotional life, but this is very rare in our modern world.

If your score is between 10 and 20 your diet is probably causing you severe problems in emotional instability, foggy thinking, low energy levels and a variety of other symptoms that make life very difficult. YOU NEED TO INTERVENE and make some urgent decisions about your life style! A score in this range usually means that you have difficulty managing your emotional states, which are now chronic in nature, and your interaction with others and close relationships are being affected.
​You NEED to change your diet!

Find out how here.

A score between 21 and 40 would indicate that you regularly make dietary decisions which affect your moods, energy levels, clarity of thinking and a range of symptoms that influence your life in a negative way on a daily basis. A score in this range usually means that diet is about 50% of the cause of emotional disharmony, and can influence your view of the world around you in many ways, including your relationships.

A significant part of the solution can be found here

A score between 41-60 would indicate that you either already experience health and wellbeing issues, or are rapidly heading towards them!

You are probably content most of the time but your awareness that something is wrong lurks just below the surface, and there is a high probability that you are not happy with part, or all of your life’s circumstance, especially relationships. Emotions may be difficult to comprehend or control, and general physical health is suffering, with potential immune response issue (common cold, flues, pain etc)

A score between 61-80 is pretty good in today’s world! Well done. You are above average in your ability to cope with life with a level of happiness and wellbeing, and certainly above average in terms of general health, although there are still times you struggle.

To further enhance your future I would suggest you access the “Eat Your Way to Happiness” nutrition suggestions that can enhance both your physical and mental health substantially, as well as give you a clear insight as to the behaviours of others in your life that you may not have understood.

A score between 81-100? WOW! I’m impressed. You are in the top 5% of the population in terms of both physical and mental wellbeing, and frankly I’m a little puzzled as to how you came here. Perhaps the ​information you found in our documents or videos applies to someone else in your life that affects your relationships?

Of course this does not mean you are totally in the clear because dietary decisions usually creep up on you over time, so your score may also be a function of youth. So please don’t be lax in your desire to look after your body and wellbeing.

Eat you way to happiness

Regardless of your result you may want some extra help in designing a nutritional regime for yourself and your family that is proven to enhance thought, emotions and behaviours for a more fulfilling and happy life.
Forty years of clinical experience and research has resulted in the book “Eat You Way to Happiness“.

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